Once, two young women were at the foot of a waterfall.
A sisimite met them. But these two women were the wives of the yellow tiger.
The two sisters were named “Jicara”. The two were sistes. And, thus the sisimite kidnapped them.
Thus, he kidnapped them, he put them in the cave. This is what the sisimite did to them.
And then his brother came, he took bees because the sisimite is hairy.
But with these bees, it didn't work.
A yellow tiger arrived for fighting with the sisimite.
The sisimite caught him by the tail and threw him into the ravine.
And then, he went once again, the yellow tiger went to bring the lion.
There they fought, when they fought the sisimite was defeated.
Then, the sisimite arrived, he caught him once again by the tail and threw him out. The sisimite threw him into the ravine, and they said that the lion didn't do anything.
A bat entered in the cave to steal the sisimite's shirt. The bat entered in the sisimite's house and stole his shirt. When the sisimite looked for his cloth, he didn't find it. Thus, the sisimite didn't fight anymore because his shirt is his force.
Thus, the brother went once again to the cave in order to get out his sisters. This brother fought with the sisimite with a spear.
The spear is like a knife, the pointe is sharp. But the spear didn't pierce him. He fought him and he fought him and he didn't knock him down.
The sisimite fell down inside the cave.
So the brother entered the cave. When he found them there, his sisters were pregnant. “How will I take you ?” said the courageous man to them.
And he told them: “Stand on my feet !”
The two sisters obeyed. There they disappeared. This courageous man was named « cacao ». Here this story ends.

Éditrice : Claudine CHAMOREAU

Illustrations : Oscar G. HERNÁNDEZ


Voix Anglais : Nia BERNARD

Voix Français : Alba MULLER

Voix Espagnol : Alba MULLER

Assemblage : Rodolfo ÁVILA

Maquette : Miguel ÁNGEL MACIÁS

Web-designer : Thomas LATERRIERE

Développeur : Audric BORDEAUX

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