Once upon a time, there was a man, this man was a fish harpooner.
He went and came with his brother only looking for fishes and returned to eat them with sasal. Thus, one day these men went to spear fishes. They were two men, they went to spear. They went to the waterhole.
When they arrived, they saw a big fish. It is said that they only saw the tail. They tell that the man said: “This one will be speared by me”. They tell that the man went with the harpoon, it is said that he speared it in the tail. He left.
The brother saw what his brother was doing. When he saw him, his brother was disappearing. This fish was not a common fish, she was the mother of the fishes. In our language it’s “wichã akaki”.
Thus, when he was watching, they said that his brother disappeared. He didn’t know where she took him.
They told that this man came back to his brother’s house to advise his spouse. When he arrived to advise her, he said: “I come alone”. She told him: “How?” “Your husband was taken by the mother of the fishes”. “Ah” she said, “we have to go to look for him” she answered him.
When they went to look for him, they didn’t find him. Looking thoroughly what had happened, they realised this man had been taken by the mother of the fishes.
The brother had told him: “Don’t spear the fish”. But his brother answered: “I am not afraid of what people say”. This is the reason why she took him.
They tell that the mother of the fishes converted him to her husband. They say that this man lives with the mother of the fishes in the waterhole. There he went. This man is still alive, it is said that she is his wife. Here this story ends.

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