Wa sonkwa

El Ojo negro

From the story of Claudine Chamoreau

My grandfather knew a lot of things. He spoke with all the spirits.
One day, a little girl got sick. The girl was dying, the evil spirits were going to take her away.
As we say, it was the Black Eye.
Three or four months had passed. As my grandfather knew, it was the evil spirits who did it.
Then the time passed, my grandfather said: “Weʼll do something. Make small sasales”. So the first thing they did was the preparation for the ceremony.
Only my grandfather was praying. He healed the girl because the evil spirits were going to take her away.
Around midnight, my grandfather got up to see the girl. It was as if evil spirits took the girl out of the roof of the house.
What the girl said was “A black horse is taking me. There was a black man riding the horse, he took me away.
They tied my foot to a plantain patch and they wanted to take me far away”. So my grandfather went out and said: “You, you only sleep, it is an animal that is attached. Get up and walk”.
When the grandfather came out, he heard like a flock of animals getting lost. In the morning, when he went to see, he saw something like the hoof prints of a cow that had passed. These are the ones who catch people’s minds.
Our grandmothers made munia, chicha, cocoa, sasal, chilero and snails with chili for the ceremony. My grandfather was the one who prayed. How did they do the Pesh ceremony? The men came and went to collect small snails from the river and to hunt armadillos. At the moment of the ceremony, the women were spicing up the meat with chili and cooking it.
The women’s faces were painted with annatto and the men were marked with coal dust. They made a big canoe out of balsa wood, they mixed about four packets of paste threshed to become munia. They covered it and let it all fermented, then they drank it during the ceremony.
In the middle of the night, no one touched the patient, no one was outside because the Black Eye was there, the one that caught people’s minds. My grandfather spoke only in Pesh so that the spirits could understand him. My grandfather was praying for all the food and drink. And also, he spoke to evil spirits.
He cured the girl. Here this story ends.

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