They told a story about a rabbit and a tiger. One day, the tiger said to the rabbit, “Iʼll eat you no matter where I find you”.
This rabbit was sitting. The uncle tiger met the rabbit on the way. “Rabbit, now Iʼll catch you and Iʼll eat you” said the tiger. “No, no, no, donʼt eat me”.
He said, “Donʼt eat me” he told him “Donʼt eat me, now here I found a big roll of cheese.”
“Itʼs like a big round cheese” the rabbit added.
“Iʼll take it, as you are big, come help me” said the rabbit. “Letʼs get the water out, weʼll catch it and weʼll eat it” the rabbit told him.
“Where is it?” asked the tiger. The rabbit took him away, and what he saw was that the moon was shining. The rabbit took the tiger away to the river. But it was the image of the moon he had seen instead of a round cheese.
“Letʼs grab the cheese and we eat it.” “Then, help me, drink the water, dry up the river” said the rabbit. Yes, it is so! “We take it out of the water and we eat it” the tiger told him. They drank, they drank, they drank... The rabbit did not drink because he was lying to him at that time.
Mr. Tiger, as he drank so much water, emptied all this water. By his buttocks, everything came out so. Ah my uncle tiger! “What's the matter, uncle tiger?” said the rabbit.
The rabbit left and took a chichicaste leaf, and he brought it back. Thatʼs what the rabbit did, he put it on the buttocks of the tiger, and he covered them. He covered the anus. “Ah, with what do you do it? It stings me!” cried the tiger.
“No, thereʼs an animal, I want to kill him” the rabbit told him. “You, youʼre deceiving me” said the tiger.
“So, donʼt be worried, Iʼm going to the mountain to get a piece of wood. You, carry on drinking, carry on drinking” said the rabbit.“Iʼm going to the mountain to get a piece of wood to plug you and the water does not come out” the rabbit told him.
He did not bring back the piece of wood, what he brought back is a thorn and he sank it. “Ah, with what are you sinking it? Ah, with what are you sinking it? Youʼre nasty” said the tiger.
“You are a wrongdoer” said the tiger.
“Donʼt move, Iʼm leaving again” said the rabbit.
“Just keep drinking, just keep drinking, just keep drinking” the rabbit repeated to him. The rabbit went, he walked here and there, he got lost and did not come back.
So the next day the tiger went to see the rabbit. “Today, you here, I will catch you, I will eat you, I will eat you because yesterday you lied to me, because you hurt me” said the tiger. The rabbit pretended to hold the stone that was laid there.
“Now, uncle tiger” said the rabbit, “now this stone, Iʼm holding it. Iʼm tired, if I drop this stone, this earth will be destroyed” says the rabbit, “it will fall and kill us all.
“All will get lost, help me, come and hold it” said the rabbit to the tiger “because you have more strength”.
He convinced him, the tiger went and grabbed the stone. “Hold it up well, now Iʼm coming back” said the rabbit. “As Iʼve been here for a long time, I’m going to pee, Iʼm leaving” said the rabbit.
He left and did not come back. He left him, lied to him, the rabbit got lost.
Then the tiger stayed there, he stayed. He remained there forever.

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